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As part of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan district Olympics Program, we make every effort to keep together our Greek Orthodox youth.  We emphasize the values of our faith and Hellenic heritage as well as follow the Olympic ideals of peace, sportsmanship, and fellowship.  Every athlete/participant of our program must be baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church and be an active member of their GOYA program.

Each participant is a representative of their community and as such should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. It is the responsibility of each advisor to assure the proper conduct of their athletes, both on and off the field. Any violation of the following will be subject to action by the discipline committee and may jeopardize future participation.

  1. This Olympic program is solely for competition between individual communities and their respective GOYAns.

  2. Drugs and alcoholic beverages (including beer) are prohibited. Penalty: Immediate expulsion from the Olympic program and from future Olympics. Smoking is prohibited.

  3. Athletes shouldn't drive to and from the Olympics, the housing quarters, or any of the aforementioned premises.

  4. The playing of radios, including portables, are prohibited indoors.

  5. Deliberate and continuous cursing or fighting by athletes, coaches or chaperones will not be tolerated.

  6. If anyone is thrown out of a game for flagrant, unsportsmanlike conduct, they will be eliminated from the remainder of competition in that event.

  7. Each community must sign-in all their athletes, chaperones and coaches at the specified times.

  8. It is mandatory that each community have a minimum of one chaperone for every six athletes. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your community not participating in any Olympic event.

  9. It is required that every participant, coach, and youth advisor wear an identifying t-shirt of their community.

  10. Athletes must wear their wrist bands at all times.

  11. We are kindly requesting that any athletes, advisors, chaperones, and coaches attending the Divine Liturgy on Sunday receive Holy Communion, providing that they have properly prepared themselves. Athletic clothing may be worn to church, but please, no shorts and no tank tops. "Sweats" and full t-shirts preferred.

  12. Make sure all athletes only congregate at athletic events, i.e. not in bathrooms or corridors.

  13. All athletes wishing to go off campus must be accompanied by a chaperone.

  14. Chaperones who are staying overnight will be expected to participate in around-the-clock patrolling of athletes and premises.

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